Please HELP a spanish girl win an ipod touch

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHello my name is Kialaya and I am a spanish blogger with a problem. I have been leading a contest now for over a month and right now, when I am about to win the ipod touch to give as a present to my boyfriend, the person that is in second place is about to overtake me. I know that you don’t know me but I would really appreciate if you took only two minutes of your time and voted for me in the contest so that I could win. You do not have to register, nor give any personal details, you can fake your email if you wish (it’s the only thing they ask),

Just copy and paste this link to your navigator:

Cuarto Desastre 2It will take you directly to my photo «Cuarto Desastre». Just click on the blue button that says «Vota por esta photo».

Then copy and paste the link again and this time click on the link below the blue button that says «comentar». Enter your name, email (or fake one) and a little something of text. Click on the little square, that just means that you accept the conditions of the website. Then click the blue button that says «Enviar».

And there you go, you just contributed two minutes of your time and 40 points in votes!! And you made me a very happy girl indeed.

If you know spanish you can learn more about this contest in my blog.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And rememember ONLY 1 DAY of voting is left. You only need to help me today.

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  1. enhorabuena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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